Funeral Planning


Making it easier for those left behind

It's not just providing the financing of your funeral, it's informing your family of any wishes you have after you pass away. Consider telling your familing some of the following as part of your application:

  • Cremation, where do you want your ashes to go?

  • or Burial, remember you will still need to purchase a plot

  • Your desired Funeral Director

  •  Specific Music and/or Hymns

  • Do you want a themed funeral / specific dress-code

  • Standard Hearse, Horse-drawn or other

  • Open or Closed Casket

  • Someone specific to read your Eulogy

  • Non-Religious, Humanist Ceremony

  • Do you have a desired venue / theme for your wake

About Golden Leaves

The company was initially formed by a highly regarded family of funeral directors in Croydon, South London, to satisfy the demand of the community its family had served since 1875. It has since been shaped to support the growing numbers of independent funeral directors who wanted to offer a funeral plan specific to their own communities and requirements.

Golden Leaves has been at the forefront of the development of funeral planning since its foundation in 1984.

Golden Leaves is a founding member of the NAPFP (The National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans) and has played a major role in the development of FPA (The Funeral Planning  Authority). The FPA provides an extensive level of financial monitoring for all registered funeral plan providers, to ensure there are sufficient funds in the trust to cover the services of every funeral plan we hold with our customers.

Golden Leaves’ Chairman, Steve Rowland, sat on the board of the NAPFP as chairman from 2000 to 2003, served as committee member on the Joint Steering Group in the development of the FPA and then served as a director of the FPA.

Now, Golden Leaves Pre-paid Funeral Plans are offered by a network of funeral directors across the UK, and also into Europe, serving the expatriate communities that live there. Golden Leaves is the only funeral planning company to provide a repatriation plan, in conjunction with Rowland Brothers International, to British expatriates living abroad and foreign expatriates living in the UK.

Funeral Plans are not regulated by the FCA.

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About Golden Leaves' Affiliations

Golden Leaves are founding members of The National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans (NAPFP) and The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).


The National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans was established in 1993 by funeral plan companies related to the National Association of Funeral Directors. The Association represents the majority of funeral plan companies in the UK, comprising the majority of all plan holders.

The National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans was instrumental in establishing the Funeral Planning Authority and since January 2002, all members of the Association are required to register with the Funeral Planning Authority.


Since their formation in 2002 the FPA have overseen the operation of vast majority of providers in the market. Through this period no FPA registered firm has failed and the FPA has worked with providers to improve standards across the industry - in delivering an improved service to the thousands of customers each year who are purchasing prepaid funeral plans.