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Tailored Financial Planning Ltd is a Private Limited Company which was incorporated in July 2015 under Companies House reference: 9707423. The firm has been established to provide compliant independent advice in investments, pensions, mortgages and protection, to existing and prospective clients.

The Directors and Advisers of the company have always adhered to the highest of professional standards to ensure the fair treatment of all their clients. They understand their clients are the most important component of their business, so will go to great lengths to provide a service they are completely satisfied with. The company consults their compliance support group; Simplybiz Plc, to implement a robust Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) plan, that will provide them with the tools to operate compliantly and ethically at all times.

Valued Testimonial

I contacted Tommy regarding my deferred defined benefit pension when I was fifty, (at the time you could access it at this age). 

I needed the 25% tax free cash for personal use. Tommy analysed the situation and advised that I transfer it to a personal pension. Because one of my concerns was that the scheme may be at threat of winding up and I may lose some or all of my pension. I took his advice and have never looked back. I have followed his ongoing advice all along and despite making more withdrawals I still have more invested than I started with, having achieved growth in excess of over 70% over the last eight years.

I told all of my work colleagues to contact Tommy and look into this. Unfortunately none of them took up the invitation. The scheme was eventually wound up, with the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) taking over the liability. However, with the PPF they have less pension,  cannot access the pension early or go into drawdown, so I have a lot to thank Tommy for and highly recommend his services.

By following his advice I am now on track for a more comfortable retirement than I would have been.”

Ken Twiss, St. Helens.

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